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Located in The Chad River Basin Borno State has seen a number exploration efforts prospecting for oil and gas. Neighbouring Chad has recently commenced drilling and tapping gas and oil within the basin. Increasing prices of oil & gas makes prospecting in this region a more viable option.

The State and the Federal governments actively encourage investment in this sector so as to diversify and expand the nation’s reserves.

Being within the verges of the expanding Sahara opportunities abound for solar power plants to feed small scale enterprises.
The various reverse and tributaries of Lake Chad also provide opportunities for bio fuels from numerous agricultural products.

The Institute will be instructing various studies and reports into the building of small scale and medium scale power plants making use of readily available resources, to meet the demand.
Borno State is a gateway to many African countries, namely Chad, North West Cameroun, Niger and Sudan further a field. With Ecowas intergration there is the potential for the state to become a big power house and industrial hub in North Eastern Nigeria.