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• Develop Local Hotel & Tourism
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1. Introduction: In a country 95% dependant on Oil & Gas Revenues it is imperative that we as a Nation diversify in a dramatic way into other sectors such as Tourism. More Radical initiatives must be adopted as it is clear that all current and previous approaches are having minimal impact on the increase in Tourism to Nigeria.
Most inward flights to Nigeria are by Business people or returning Nationals. Appx 95% A generous assessment gives all 4% of all inward flights to tourists the remaining 1% being diplomats.
An aggressive policy if followed fervently can see that increasing to 25% - 30% with the next 5 years.

Democracy is the enabling environment that wil makes this a possibility, factors inhibiting growth of this sector are lack of adequate infrastructure, lack of sufficient hotel spaces, poor quality of resorts and personnel, lack of professionalism and hotel/recreational culture. Poor Security, corruption, red tape and lack of 24 hour power are also inhibiting factors. The is also a dearth of information i.e. travellers guides, tour guides, tourist information points etc.

The Institute will develop proposals which will look at addressing many of the above points and look at developing exclusive tourist zones similar to export zones which will confer reduced restrictions and greater opportunities for investments in virgin locations along the coastline of the country and within areas of natural and historical significance. We will also adopt programmes to encourage those in the diaspora to know their roots, origins and the history of the slave trade.


Other Tourism Initiatives:
Open Skies Policy: This is crucial for tourism, minimal visa restrictions especially to those from countries that will be bringing millions of dollars into the economy. Current visa regimes actually discourage increased tourism. Tourists to Egypt, Cuba, S Africa to name a few, either pay visa at point of entry or have no visa requirements for citizens from wealthy countries.
To meet the required tourist levels, embassies will not be able to process applications fast enough. Tour operators and or airlines can be tasked to issue the visa forms in flight and payment can be made at port of entry via Visa, MasterCard etc or cash. With fully computerised systems, airlines will be compelled to provide detailed information on passenger numbers and their immigration status ensuring that proper accounting of payments can be made to minimise the possibility of fraud, with greater controls and monitoring such corruption will be easily identified and prosecuted. Airlines could also be compelled to collect the fees as part of the checking in process and remitted by automated transfer daily.

African Tourism: ‘Africa Loves You’ Africa needs tourism not aid, Look for the good things in Africa, promote, scenic beauty, happy people despite poverty, wildlife, culture, music, history, eco tourism, developmental tourism, wildlife, slave route, come back to your roots. Tourism making a difference in people lives, when you fly plant a tree, sponsors an animal, help build a school, hospital or provide shelter. Country hopper scheme: North