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Security Law & Order

• Introduction
• Anti Corruption Programme
• Adequate Pay, Equipment & Resources
• Use of Modern Technology
• Respect for Rule of Law
• Crime Prevention, Apprehension & Rehabilitation
• Preservation of Life & Property


1. Introduction: The first duty of any government is to preserve life and property of its citizens wherever hey might be. This is a duty that has been very demanding on the nation’s law enforcement agencies.
The structure of the various forces, lack of man power, inadequate earnings, and poor equipment/resources has not helped to improve the plight of the nation’s citizens. Police need to be adequately rewarded and supported by adequate legislation.

Police officers must be held in higher esteem and those who lose their lives in the line of duty must be exalted and their families adequately provided for. There must be memorial grounds for these & other officers and the death of an officer must be seen as a dark day in the nation’s history. Citizens need to love their police & not fear them, unless they are criminals.

There is a need for a radical rethink and overhaul of this arm of government both in terms of internal security and external security as we face both internal and external threats. To avoid abuse and police brutality, citizens rights must be made widely available with severe penalties for officers who flout or abuse their position.

The Institute aims to develop polices to assist the government in gaining access to best practise as applies in most democracies to develop a force whose main creed will be ‘to protect and to serve’