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1. Introduction: The Senate & House of Representatives are the primary legislative bodies in Nigeria. They and the legislature are the custodians and makers of our laws. The constitution we have at present has been a hutch putsch of adaptations with executive fiat of the various military dictatorships the nation has suffered to date.
The Nation is well overdue for an appropriate and more acceptable constitution either at the behest of the National Assembly or via consultation within a national Conference. Nigeria is a Country of Nations many whose peoples and land mass is bigger than many sovereign governments.
In furtherance of this the Institute aims to identify specific laws that need repealing and or amending and will develop via consultation and lobbying white papers to be presented at the legislature for consideration. It is imperative that we establish a strong forum to lobby our representatives, Governors, Senators and councillors into supporting various changes.

Suggested Amendments Include:
a) Amendment to Police & Law enforcement Act to break up the National Police to form smaller Regional units with Police Chiefs being elected and accountable to the community.
b) Amended Land Use Act: To Allow Government to sell Land on Freehold basis to allow Freehold title which will free up tremendous equity and free the stranglehold of high Mortgage interest rates. Amendments to streamline and speed up land transactions, leading to a fully computerised system.
c) Firmer Anti corruption laws with compulsory asset declaration for Elected officials and freedom of Information Act.