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• Introduction
• Local Inputs
• Mortgage Institutions
• Social Housing
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1. Introduction: Housing for all is one of the millenium goals that is proving difficult to attain. Drastic measures must be taken to address the acute house shortage dilemma, there is also a need to drastically improve the quality of existing housing stocks

The Institute is concerned with developng programmes, measures and reports aimed at Reducing the cost of housing & increasing the volume of mass housing using govt, private & NGO’s: key law changes such as the amendment of the Land Use Act to ensure that government grants the option of freehold title as well as lease on land. Government land to be provided for free or highly discounted rates to private investors engaging in mass housing schemes. A set proportion of such schemes and developments must be set aside for social housing and or low-income earners.

Amendment of The Land use Act: Giving land to the people for development, social housing: giving land to the people to develop into their own homes at highly discounted rates for low income workers. The multiplier effect will develop a new market and boost economic activity. Restrictions placed on resale within 3 years. Capital gains tax, stamp duty or benefit tax and rates to be imposed as alternative sources of revenue for the state.

The use of Local materials such as laterite blocks gas fired clay bricks and engineering bricks, steel sourced locally from the various steel mills, bitumen and asphalt plants developed using local quarries and the tar sand deposits in Ondo and Ogun State, Limestone blocks and gypsum from local deposits, cements from Sagamu & Ewekoro,Asaka & Gombe local hardwood and soft wood construction timber.

To drastically reduce the construction costs inputs must be locally sourced with high level quality control. Finishing is key and construction methods need to adopt many novel techniques used around the world, such as pre made Timber frames, Roof trusts, Complete door frame and door units Precast concrete beam floors and pillars etc

A policy of developing housing for the masses must be implemented via PPI. The govt the sole custodians of land can provide land at minimal prices to Housing associations and Private companies to provide social housing for rent and to be sold via shared ownership or right out sale at affordable prices.

The Institutes Aim For the Housing Sector:
a) Develop feasibility studies on cost of Housing Estates.
b) Provide feasibility reports for New Town Projects & City Regeneration Programmes
c) Provide Feasibility Reports towards the amendment of the Land Use Act and improving planning & Title/Land Registration.
d) Provide Reports on the Viability of setting up mortgage and lending institutions.
e) Develop policy document on the creation of Housing Association f)Develop regulations, policies and laws to encourage private sector involvement and competition in this sector.
f) Develop Reports for comanies and individuals wishing to invest in factories to supply local inputs, distribution and tool hire