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Power & Energy
Privatisation & Direct Foreign Invsetment
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About Us

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• Introduction
• Reducing Interest Rates
• Greater Competition
• Deregulation & Privatisation
• Incentives Vs Bribes
• Aggresive/Proactive Inward Investment Policy
• Uninterupted Power within 5 Years


1. Introduction: The main thrust of the institutes policies, studies and reports will be to analyse economic data provide uto date reference poits on the economy and assist in developing strategies that will see a 4 fold increase in Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) into Nigeria within the next two years. We also aim to develop policy documents that will esatblish regulatory bodies, standards and frameworks in liberalised sectors

The Institutes Aim For the Economic Sector:
a) Alleviation of Poverty.
b) Creating a more Equal Society
c) How to Quadrouple DFI within 2 Years.
d) Government divestment from commercial enterprice
e) Development of Regulatory athorities